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3 min readMar 8, 2020

The weird idea of doing a broken-hearted clothing line, and even the editorial or the Instagram filter, happened suddenly after I created this illustration. I realized that lately, I’ve been craving the need to develop more designs and make creative crap to maintain myself inspired. This got me started.

I remember I wanted to create a “we are a little bit broken” 404 pages for this very site, so I went ahead and created a broken heart illustration. At the same time, I was trying to define my design style, so I added a little bit of the grunge that I imagine I have in my head, and added thick outlines and texture.

Immediately after I decided that, as the geek that I am, I wanted to learn more about how to Create an Instagram AR filter. So I thought ~ Hey! The broken heart will be a great candidate for a broken heart Instagram filter. And because of how much I loved it, I used it as the initial illustration for the broken heart clothing line in my store.

The creative juices continued flowing, so much so, that I invite my friend @tallbitchcecilia for a fun, sweet, crazy photoshoot around the same theme. Here is more about it:

The Broken Heart Instagram Filter

It totally happened out of curiosity. I initially thought maybe Spark AR was a bit of a learning curve, but then realized that they made accessible to others. That’s what made wan to give it a try. You can find this broken heart Instagram filter here on my insta: @justsoanty 💔. A series of hearts act as a background for you, and they blink like almost-dead bulbs.

Broken Heart Instagram Filter

The Broken Heart Clothing Collection

For this “broken heart clothing line,” I wanted to try broken heart-shirts, crop tops, and also a sweatshirt with embroidery. The T-shirts and crop tops are SUPER comfortable, and the colors are very vibrant. I released the black version for all products by popular demand. I am pleased with these products and can’t wait to get myself some more!✌

The ‘brokenhearted’ Editorial

Things got real-fun a couple of Saturdays ago when I invited my friend @tallbitchcecilia to model for me in this anti-valentines, super-comedic and grungy-ish, photoshoot. My goal was to get some good photos to promote this broken heart clothing line. In particular, the crop top. She looked amazing, like the definition of the broken heart aesthetic! I am thrilled with these broken heart pics.

I hope more illustrations similar to this one start happening soon! (and also other photoshoots with my friends too)



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