broken heart aesthetic: clothing, editorial, and more.

The weird idea of doing a broken-hearted clothing line, and even the editorial or the Instagram filter, happened suddenly after I created this illustration. I realized that lately, I’ve been craving the need to develop more designs and make creative crap to maintain myself inspired. This got me started.

I remember I wanted to create a “we are a little bit broken” 404 pages for this very site, so I went ahead and created a broken heart illustration. At the same time, I was trying to define my design style, so I added a little bit of the grunge that I imagine I have in my head, and added thick outlines and texture.

Immediately after I decided that, as the geek that I am, I wanted to learn more about how to Create an Instagram AR filter. So I thought ~ Hey! The broken heart will be a great candidate for a broken heart Instagram filter. And because of how much I loved it, I used it as the initial illustration for the broken heart clothing line in my store.

The creative juices continued flowing, so much so, that I invite my friend @tallbitchcecilia for a fun, sweet, crazy photoshoot around the same theme. Here is more about it:

The Broken Heart Instagram Filter

It totally happened out of curiosity. I initially thought maybe Spark AR was a bit of a learning curve, but then realized that they made accessible to others. That’s what made wan to give it a try. You can find this broken heart Instagram filter here on my insta: @justsoanty 💔. A series of hearts act as a background for you, and they blink like almost-dead bulbs.

Broken Heart Instagram Filter

The Broken Heart Clothing Collection

For this “broken heart clothing line,” I wanted to try broken heart-shirts, crop tops, and also a sweatshirt with embroidery. The T-shirts and crop tops are SUPER comfortable, and the colors are very vibrant. I released the black version for all products by popular demand. I am pleased with these products and can’t wait to get myself some more!✌

The ‘brokenhearted’ Editorial

Things got real-fun a couple of Saturdays ago when I invited my friend @tallbitchcecilia to model for me in this anti-valentines, super-comedic and grungy-ish, photoshoot. My goal was to get some good photos to promote this broken heart clothing line. In particular, the crop top. She looked amazing, like the definition of the broken heart aesthetic! I am thrilled with these broken heart pics.

I hope more illustrations similar to this one start happening soon! (and also other photoshoots with my friends too)




Content Mktg. Strategist and NFT Artist currently making saltï the next Latine Queen Reggaetonera dominating the metaverse. More on

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leo a.k.a. @justsoantsy

leo a.k.a. @justsoantsy

Content Mktg. Strategist and NFT Artist currently making saltï the next Latine Queen Reggaetonera dominating the metaverse. More on

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