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FACE MASKS ARE HERE TO STAY. These are some of the newest masks at the @justsoantsy shop

Mixed-messaging, COVID-19 Delta variant, and wearing masks.

Back in May, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) said that vaccinated people could safely go without masks in most places. Then, in June, the World Health Organization says — Not that fast! And it recommends we continue wearing a mask due to the rise of the Delta variant. All of this as movie theaters are opening back up and concerts are starting to happen.

What do you do? Are you one of the many people that struggle with the social anxiety around mask-wearing protocols? …

The photo I took that day of Nelson Shanks’s The Four Justices.

I will never forget this moment in Washington, DC. Freshly American, enjoying my free afternoon at the National Portrait Gallery. I felt like a kid. I was getting to explore history through art and enjoy the art that represented important figures that fought for equal rights and women like Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Her death has defined 2020 as a much darker, uncertain, and profoundly transformative period than it already was. …

My thought lately has been: is there going be fantastic art as a result of this COVID19 pandemic? Would this pandemic distract us, hurt us, overwhelm us enough to inspire us to make impactful art? And would artists and painters be remembered as we remember Munch or Keith? Or would these times be only defined by The Renegade? So many questions.

Art In the Times of Pandemics

Today, as I started to read a bit more about some historic Venezuelan painters to get inspired, I came across Cristobal Rojas’ painting, La Miseria (The Misery.) It shows a young husband sitting next to his sick wife. She…

The weird idea of doing a broken-hearted clothing line, and even the editorial or the Instagram filter, happened suddenly after I created this illustration. I realized that lately, I’ve been craving the need to develop more designs and make creative crap to maintain myself inspired. This got me started.

I remember I wanted to create a “we are a little bit broken” 404 pages for this very site, so I went ahead and created a broken heart illustration. …

When your heart is broken, there is nothing else to do but to embrace what comes with it. And, it would be best if you didn’t think about the chest pain after a break-up or the uncertainty of being brokenhearted. Think about the feeling of empowerment that this new opportunity brings you. A bittersweet chance to do, and feel, something better. That’s what these broken heart pics represent.

Photography & Editing: Leo M. Davis
Model: @tallbitchcecilia


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